Who are you pulling for this 2012 Formula Drift season?

With the season approaching faster than we expected, and a mere 3 months away from the season opener at Long Beach, I decided to make a little poll to see who you are going to root for this season.  Continue reading

Crepe Corner 11/29/11

Our good friend Norman decided to host a meet over in Westminster at Crepe Corner, I wasn’t planning on going but my friend Israel decided to come pick me up so I had to go. It was a good time, lots of my friend from Zilvia were there so it was pretty chill night and I’m glad I went after all, plus Israels S14 is legit. Continue reading

OC Drift meet #5 (PARTY AT RPM!)

So once again Saturday night comes around, and I pack up the bag to head out to my weekly meet. I decided to move them to 8PM instead of 9PM a few weeks ago due to DST and all that nonsense, I arrive at RPM around 7PM to get everything ready… Boy was I in for a suprise. I find out we had 3 food trucks showing up, Rehv Clothing and DaYUUM! had a booth set up selling clothes, and one of the Food trucks, Tailgate truck Had a flat screen with DSport videos and music going all night! Wow! Had lots of fun as always, minimal cop trouble *cough* Continue reading

MIDA Sushi TUE AFTER-SEMA Meet! Come see SEMA 2011 Builds and more! 11/15/11

So after searching the map to this meet, I realized it was a straight shot down Beach Blvd to this meet. Unfortunately there was lots of traffic and it ended up taking me about 45 minutes to get there. TOTALLY WORTH IT, I arrived around 6:30PM and didn’t leave until about 11PM. It was nice seeing my friends, and nice meeting new people. Of course there were too many crap Hondas taking up the parking lot spaces, but it ended all well. Hope to see everyone again soon!

Gracious hosts! Continue reading