Who are you pulling for this 2012 Formula Drift season?

With the season approaching faster than we expected, and a mere 3 months away from the season opener at Long Beach, I decided to make a little poll to see who you are going to root for this season.  Continue reading

Crepe Corner 11/29/11

Our good friend Norman decided to host a meet over in Westminster at Crepe Corner, I wasn’t planning on going but my friend Israel decided to come pick me up so I had to go. It was a good time, lots of my friend from Zilvia were there so it was pretty chill night and I’m glad I went after all, plus Israels S14 is legit. Continue reading

OC Drift meet #5 (PARTY AT RPM!)

So once again Saturday night comes around, and I pack up the bag to head out to my weekly meet. I decided to move them to 8PM instead of 9PM a few weeks ago due to DST and all that nonsense, I arrive at RPM around 7PM to get everything ready… Boy was I in for a suprise. I find out we had 3 food trucks showing up, Rehv Clothing and DaYUUM! had a booth set up selling clothes, and one of the Food trucks, Tailgate truck Had a flat screen with DSport videos and music going all night! Wow! Had lots of fun as always, minimal cop trouble *cough* Continue reading