Racing Performance Motorsport Christmas Special

Hey everybody! RPM has a new November and December special for everybody

Free shipping on all ordered parts for November and December.
Also if you purchase in house 50% off all installs!

RPM website

Tell him OC Drift sent you!

And our OC Drift Saturday night meets has moved to THIS location, starting at 8PM every Saturday night. RAIN OR SHINE. Stop by for some part and repair info, prices, and some good old fashion fun on those boring Saturday nights.

300 fans soon! That means time for some changes!

Wow, I never expected to even get close to having 300 fans. I’m at 294 at the time of this post, and once I hit 300 I’m going to have to do a few new things.

1. I will be looking for a partner to join me in taking photos/ touring shops/ write ups for the ‘blog’ and other stuff along those lines.

2. I will be looking to get an official OC Drift model! (females only sorry Andy)

3. Starting to get some cars driving under the OC Drift name!!!


5. Finishing putting together our Drift competition at AMP!

6. Our weekly meet is changing to a new location soon because of the success of what I have now.

7. Sponsors Sponsors Sponsors.

I can’t wait to start these things, and I thank you all for supporting me for the past 2 months, I wouldn’t even be writing this if it wasn’t for the fans!

Rhys Millen Racing shop tour 9/13/11

So I’ve known Rhys and some of his team for a while now, and once I got my camera you know I had to get a shop tour for you guys.

I think I’m in the right spot!!

Tour bus was empty, getting cleaned and re-stocked for Irwindale.

The almighty Gen Coupe drift machine, getting a fresh engine rebuild for practicing.

One of the many piles of spare parts laying around.

One of the 2 2012 Hyundai Velosters that are being built for SEMA 2011, comes with a like 30 point rollcage! :O

Rhys Millens Rally Veloster, recently overhauled!

His father Rod Millens Rally Veloster, being overhauled! (It’s a family affair)

I walk into his front office, and now we all know why they call him Rhys ‘Mad Skills’ Millen

Stopped by the engine room, there are about 7 more engines that aren’t in the shot. The main one is going in the Drift Genesis.


The Pikes Peak record breaking bad boy was there today, I guess i got lucky!! :D

It looks so mean!!!

The 3rd building on his location is basically USA Rally HQ! Here we see Gronholms focus

Tanner parked his trailer there, but took the keys with him so I couldn’t see inside.

The last building (where my good friend AJ works as the lead designer) is also a car and parts storage for his toys.

Here’s the old Pontiac drift car! for memories :)

Mazda RX-3 running and RHD just sitting there :(

Gotta have the trophy truck for those traffic jams!

Wide shot of the storage cars and some of the parts

300+ HP ‘Parts getter’ Genesis, and more parts.

It’s always nice to leave with some #Swag!!

Anyways, I’ll be back for another photo tour once they finish their other buildings.